The Modern Day Paper Trailblazer

The Modern Day Paper Trailblazer

Strong. Confident. Practical. Loyal. Reflective.

These, dear career makers, are the qualities of the modern day paper trailblazer. These are the attributes that will allow you to slow down, pause and “save as a draft” instead of hitting “send”.

After all, creating the e-paper trail that negatively hangs around long after its master does? Not the legacy we want to leave in our wake.


When in doubt? “Save as a draft”.

When in high emotion? “Save as a draft”.

When in a hurry? “Save as a draft”.

When multi-tasking? “Save as a draft”.

When under strict deadline? “Save as a draft” (and then repeat, for good measure!)

When checking work email before your first cup of coffee? “Save as a draft.”

When at the extreme torturous tip of  hangry town? “Save as a draft.” (And for the love of sanity, eat a sandwich for all of our sakes!)

Who knows? You may go back and see that it looks great as is. You may realize that only a few words need to be tweaked. You may realize that you were blinded by rage and delete the whole thing! (Or blinded by tears and delete the whole thing!)

Running out the door? Heading into a meeting? Picking up your kids? Having a frazzled hair-brained day? Wondering why the heck you checked your email right now of all nows?? We’ve all checked email at the most inopportune time. No need to type anything at all.

Three words: “Mark as unread”.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, when an email is flashing and screaming URGENT, that’s a mighty bright red flag to slow down, and think before you click. “Mark as unread”. Take a breather. Step away from the screen. Gain perspective.

The last thing you want to do is be held accountable for any wrongdoings that will be a liability to your job, your employer, your family or yourself.

Go against the digital grain. Be the modern day paper trail blazer who says “Let me think about it,” before rushing to regret.

Whether it’s having to solve a problem, being the bearer of bad news, delivering great news, making a decision, asking for a favor, or replying to a simple request, make sure that you are in your clearest mind by taking a pause, reflect on the situation, make sure it’s not a knee-jerk typing reaction, and then wisely and confidently press “send”.

Your common sense will thank you and so will we!


Because you’ll find that you’re blazing a clearer, safer and more reliable trail that others will be more than excited to hike down!

“Dance like no one is watching;

email like it may be read aloud in a deposition.” 

– Anonymous