Celebrating SUCCESS!

Celebrating SUCCESS!

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Graduation Day


At WERC, our staff is ready to help you take the next steps to reach your employment goals. We provide resume preparation services, interview preparation, Word and Excel training, and much more. But we like to let our services speak for themselves, here are some success stories!

Catherine: I have been looking for employment for over a year and am registered with 6 agencies.  None of these agencies provided the improvement to my resume that was provided by WERC.  None of these agencies have been as responsive in identifying possible positions as has WERC in the month that I have been registered there. WERC provides “looking for a job” services that I have not been able to find anywhere else in this area.  WERC fills the gap between preparing for employment and successfully finding a position.

Michelle: I participated in the WERC Program recently and have to say I learned a lot about job interviewing and answering key questions that I had not been answering correctly in past … I enjoyed working with Kristy and Stephanie and they were patient and helpful with me. I must say I found myself looking forward to going to class every day. I hope this program continues to be funded. I know this program changed the direction my life was heading and I hope it will help many more. 

Lori: I would like to take this time to thank you and all the wonderful women who have assisted me in my search of a new career.  WERC has given me the confidence I need to go back out into the work force.  The instruction on how to write my resume has shown tremendous results.

Janice: I would like to take the time to commend WERC group. Without them I would not be employed at this time. I lost my job due to school budget cuts along with 20 other teachers. Since the jobs are so few and the unemployment is so high I was desperate. It is a scary world out there looking for a job … WERC took all my information and helped me choose a job that fit my education.   I continue to get e-mails from them to what job openings are in the region and send them to other homemakers who have come on unfortunate times. More now than ever this agency is important in our area.

Yolanda: Since coming to WERC in February of 2014, I’ve gained a great deal of insight about myself, my goals and skills. I’m no longer afraid to face an employer at an interview.  The organization has taught me about resilience and perseverance and given me the confidence to take the steps to become a medical coder.  I am thankful for all of the educational skills that have been given to me including interview skills, the Professional Pathways training and the opportunity to give back through volunteer service.